Tips on vacation ideas for a summer with high gas prices.

Today’s economy is playing havoc on family budgets. Families are really struggling just to make ends meet and now that summer is here that just adds more stress. Parents want to have fun with their children despite the cost of fuel but they have to be realistic on what they can afford. The best way to handle summer vacations and fun activities for our children is setting a realistic budget and plan ahead. Below are some tips for parents in planning this summer’s vacation.

To alleviate stress of the vacation, start planning early in the year if possible. The first thing you will need to do in making your vacation budget is to take a look at the cost of your vacation last year. That would be a starting budget for you. But now you will need to decide if you can afford that much on this years vacation. Now, you will need to make a list of all expenses that are endured during a family vacation. Start looking at the budget to see where you can cut down on the expense. For instance, a way to save on the accommodations is the stay with a friend or family instead of a hotel. Something else to think about if you go to the beach during the peak of summer then everything is so much higher. So it would be good idea to think about going down to the beach a little off season You could really save a bundle on hotel costs. But the downside to that is that some of the attractions may or may not be running. Another way to cut expenses could be to look for discount coupons to amusement parks and attractions. Mom’s don’t like cooking on vacation but maybe cook one meal in the room and eat out the other two meals. That will save a good bit of money as well.

A little pre-planning and a little sacrificing of some of the extras during our vacation this year can lead to a fun-filled summer despite the status of the country’s economy. A well-planned vacation can lead to a happy summer!

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