This is a useful guide for travelling on a shoestring budget.

By using these tips I have been able to travel the world on a low budget over the past 20 years. These are from my past experiences.

  1. Always try using Youth Hostels, and save money using yha (youth hostel association) organisation (search) as this has been the most cost-effective way of seeing the world.
    • Have an idea of how much you should be paying on transport from the airport to your destination, especially when travelling in Asia as the price can vary as they barter their prices. You must haggle when travelling in Asia as you would be surprised how inexpensive it can be.
    • Be aware of your exchange rate when you arrive into a country. This way you have less chance of making a mistake when paying for anything.
    • Be aware of cons and scams, people take advantage of tourists as they are not familiar with how much their money is worth. Some common cons and scams;
  2. People who approach you on the street and are pretending to be your friend and trying to get something off you.
  3. When travelling by tut-tut (Asian transport) for the day agree on a final price at the start of the day and keep to it.
  4. Beware of pickpockets of crowds. Keep all belongings close. However a pickpocket can strike at any time.
  5. When buying food and drink try not to go to the tourist areas as they are more expensive than the restaurants just around the corner which are of the same standard.
  6. Drink local brands rather than imports.
  7. Buy snacks from local supermarket. For example buying a snack in London from top supermarkets is cheaper than local stores.
  8. Work out the prices of a direct route to your destination in comparison to splitting the journey. For example a direct route of Liverpool to Newcastle costs about £50. However splitting the journey from Liverpool to York and then to Newcastle is about £22. It takes approximately the same time. It is sometimes a lot cheaper to split the journey.
  9. Always check the prices on comparison sites as this can save you a lot of money.
  10. If you are flying to your destination try to make it on a weekday, if possible on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday as this is when it is cheapest.

My Hostel recommendations-These are all of decent standard
The European hostels I have stayed in are of higher standard


Ambleside youth hostel in the Lake District.


Glebe Point Youth Hostel in Sydney
Cairns Youth Hostel in Cairns

New Zealand

Auckland Youth Hostel
Christ-Church Youth Hostel
Queenstown Youth Hostel


Hong Kong Youth Hostel
Beijing City Youth Hostel


Copenhagen Youth Hostel


Dublin City Youth Hostel


(staying in the Swiss youth hostels on a skiing holiday brings down the price of the holiday)
Zermatt Youth Hostel
Davos Youth Hostel
Santa Maritz Youth Hostel

Geneva Youth Hostel

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