You don’t have to be at the mercy of tour operators’ prices and hotels’ surcharges.

A cheap holiday doesn’t have to mean a low budget hotel and all that involves; saving money on the finer details can mean you can get the deal you want. Here are some of the clever ways you can minimise your next holiday expenditure:

  1. On Board

    Whether you’re flying, driving or sailing, take your own food and drink rather than paying the ridiculous prices carriers and airports charge for basics.

  2. Travel Light

    Be really ruthless with your packing to cut down charges for bags, or at least pay in advance online so you don’t get hammered at the airport.

  3. Travel Insurance

    European citizens can get free European Health Insurance (EHIC from Post Offices) and cut the cost of an excess on any medical claims.

  4. Airport Parking

    Some airport hotels charge less with a stay-and-park deal than longer stay airport car parks. Alternatively pre-book your airport car park and try and negotiate a deal.

  5. Travel To and From the Airport

    Consider advance-booked coach travel or look for special online train deals to get to and from your airport, rather than taxi, your car, or paying the price for public transport quoted on the day.

  6. Vaccinations

    Get your holiday jabs for free at your doctor’s surgery rather than a travel clinic who will charge.

  7. Check Your Credit/Debit Card Charges

    Before you take your plastic check which ones charge the least for currency and withdrawals. Avoid using airport bureaux de change for currency – they can be extortionate.

  8. Check Your Mobile Charges

    If your current operator charges massively for taking and receiving calls and texts while abroad, find out if they also do an international package to cut costs.

  9. Do Your Own Excursions

    You can often hire your own vehicle and explore at a far cheaper rate than piling on to a coach for an organised visit – and often in more comfort. Remember to return the car with a full tank to avoid surcharges. Book entry into attractions online or ahead and make more savings.

  10. Eat Out

    Hotel food and drink is usually far more expensive than local fare and you can save lots by having your meals in a nearby cafĂ© or diner – breakfast in particular can be an expensive rip off. Or better still, self cater.

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